At the service of the environmentz

Hudon Desbiens St-Germain Environnement Inc. (HDS Environnement) is a specialized consulting firm dedicated to providing its clients with professional services of the highest quality in the fields of environment and occupational health and safety. The firm relies on a well-trained and experienced team of professionals, most of whom have completed masters or doctoral degrees in various fields (engineering, biology, earth sciences, industrial hygiene, administrative sciences, etc.).

Founded in 2001, HDS Environnement integrates through a variety of acquisitions a corporate history covering more than 9,500 projects over a period of more than 25 years. Strategic alliances with other consulting firms, universities, and research centers ensure that its clients have access to a network of more than 400 specialists throughout the world, thus making it possible to intervene effectively in the realization of projects of any size and complexity at the national or international level. The firm remains fully independent and fully owned by its management.

Regardless of the nature or scope of a project, HDS Environnement is committed to providing a personalized service focused on proactive communication in order to ensure the satisfaction of its customers’ expectations. In this regard, a rigorous program of quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) as well as robust and reliable computerized tools for project management have been put in place. Comprehensive liability and professional liability insurance covers all of its activities, without the usual restrictions on pollution impacts.

The offices of HDS Environnement are easily accessible and are located at the crossroads of downtown Montreal, the city of the new economy and Old Montréal, close to the headquarters of large corporations, government offices, and major law firms, lawyers. More detailed information on the company is available on request, especially in the context of specific professional services.