Wetlands and Natural Habitats

Identification and delineation of wetlands, identification of fauna/flora protected species, habitat characterization, determination of river riparian strips, implementation of vegetal engineering techniques to the stabilization of river banks, request for certificate of authorization.

Typical Activities

  • Inspection and technical advice to identify and delineate the presence of wetlands subject to the second paragraph of Article 22 of the Environmental Quality Act.
  • Wildlife and floristic inventory, characterization, and mapping of various sensitive areas (rivers, lakes, ponds, marshes, marshes, peat bogs).
  • Assessment of the presence of protected plant or animal species under The Threatened and Vulnerable Species Act.
  • Identification of Natural High Water Line (LHE) and the riparian strip according to Protection policy for shoes, coastlines, and floodplains.
  • Application for government authorization (certificate of authorization) for work that is carried out partly or wholly in water or wetlands.
  • Analysis of biophysical components and development of plant engineering techniques for shoreline stabilization.

Some Relevant Projects

  • Characterization and mapping wetlands for the development of residential, commercial and industrial lands in Quebec.
  • Technical advice on the presence of wetlands in several municipalities throughout Quebec.
  • Request for certificates of authorization for the purpose of backfilling wetlands.
  • Impact study on the restoration of the river bank along an old metal processing plant using different techniques of plant engineering for the stabilization of the banks.