Risk Analysis

Analysis of health and environmental (ecological) risks associated to contaminted sites, measures to protect health and the environment, technological risk analyzes; determination of the probabilities of undesirable effects and distances of impact of industrial activities likely to generate losses.

Typical Activities

  • Environmental site characterization to meet the specific needs of the risk analysis.
  • Development of a conceptual model of exposure including potential sources, exposure pathways and receptors.
  • Modeling the dispersion of contaminants in air and groundwater using recognized models/software.
  • Choice of organisms to be included in bioassays.
  • Evaluation of exposures and associated risk calculations from recognized databases.
  • Identification and follow-up of the implementation of mitigation measures.
  • Presentation of the studies to the government bodies according to the applicable protocols in Quebec and Canada.

Some Relevant Projects

  • Toxicological and ecotoxicological risk assessment of a former chemical plant in Shawinigan.
  • Confirmation of safe drinking water supply at nine border crossings in southern Quebec.
  • Toxicological and ecotoxicological risk assessment with corrective action plans of a former metal powder plant in Montreal.
  • Supervision of the rehabilitation of a site based on a risk analysis carried out by our company and covering a ground used for railway maintenance.
  • Technological risk analysis of a polystyrene production plant expended with the analysis of various worst-case scenarios: explosion of external tanks (BLEVE), major discharge of an external reservoir of hydrochloric acid with the determination of the radii of impacts. The ALOHA software was used. An emergency plan was developed as a result.