Mold and Microorganisms

Visual inspections, assessment of the scope of contamination and corrective work, sampling of air and surface samples, supervision of works, etc.

Typical Activities

  • Visual inspections of the interior of the buildings, evaluation of the presence of fungal proliferation on various materials, identification of water infiltration.
  • Visual inspection of ventilation systems and evaluation of fungal loads.
  • Intrusive inspections in buildings, construction of targeted openings to assess the presence of fungal proliferation (walls, under floors, etc.).
  • Relative humidity measurements in air and materials to identify situations conducive to fungal proliferation.
  • Samples of surfaces and air and evaluation of fungal presence (spores, viable and non-viable molds, etc.) or bacteriological (coliforms, Gram-bacteria, endotoxins, etc.).
  • Quantitative assessments of the fungal and microbial presence in indoor air in residences, offices and various types of industrial environments.
  • Evaluation of bacterial contamination in cutting fluids.
  • Assessment of Legionella pneuma Phila in air conditioning systems and water towers.
  • Drafting of decontamination specifications for the cleaning of impacted areas.
  • Monitoring of decontamination work and preparation of follow-up reports.
  • Expertise in the case of litigation.

Some Relevant Projects

  • Inspection of numerous residential buildings in the Montreal area to identify and quantify fungal proliferations, validation of rehabilitation works.
  • Evaluation of the presence of mold in the air and on surfaces in different hospital settings and prioritization of corrective interventions.
  • Evaluation of the presence of spores in the air in office buildings.
  • Characterization of viable microorganisms in nine (9) metro stations (more than 100 air samples).
  • Expert witness in various litigation and hidden defects (residential, commercial and institutional clients).