Mercury Spills

Intervention with respect to various type of mercury spills, first inspection within 24 hours, proposal of an action plan and budget to decontaminate the premises, physical and chemical decontamination, post-decontamination visit including monitoring of residual mercury in air and on surfaces, intervention report.

For any emergency, please contact 514-922-0556

Typical Activities

  • Emergency interventions at all times and throughout the province of Quebec.
  • Quantification of spilled mercury, location of spills, measurement of mercury vapors, safety information to concerned parties.
  • Intervention with a vacuum cleaner equipped with an activated carbon filter, stabilizing liquid to "neutralize" residual mercury, personal protective equipment.
  • If required, negative pressure enclosure to contain contamination.
  • Cleaning of floors, walls, equipment, workstations, furniture, etc.
  • Recovery of mercury by vacuum, syringe or otherwise.
  • Removal of contaminated porous materials (baseboards, wooden boards, etc.) or vaporization of the stabilizing liquid to "neutralize" the micro-droplets of mercury that may have been deposited in the porosities of the materials (e.g. wood, concrete, etc.).
  • Preparation of a report to document the management of the spill with mercury vapor measurements before, during and after construction.

Some Relevant Projects

Private Sector

  • Decontamination of an instrumentation room in a Montreal plant, following a mercury spill due to overpressure in the manometers.
  • Supervision and supervision of demolition work carried out as part of the rehabilitation of a mercury-contaminated confined space.
  • Characterization of the contamination of a production plant following a mercury spill (material breakage), issuance of a decontamination estimate and monitoring of decontamination work.

Institutional Sector

  • Thermal power station in a hospital following the break-up of a Ledoux bell apparatus.
  • Decontamination in a hospital following the sterilization of a Maloney candle.
  • Decontamination of science laboratory premises in various schools in Montreal.
  • Decontamination of electrical transformer sites.
  • Inspection, monitoring of work and post-decontamination visit of a drinking water plant following a mercury spill in an ultraviolet reactor.