Legal Expertise

Expertise offered to legal advisors (lawyers, notaries, etc.) to support them in various environmental, health and safety or industrial hygiene litigations. Several HDS Environment professionals have been called as expert witnesses at the court.

Typical Activities

  • Preparation of expert opinions for legal advisers
  • Cost assessment (quantum determination)
  • Participation in settlement meetings
  • Witness-expert at court

Some Relevant Projects

  • Contamination resulting from various sources (petroleum storage tanks, historical backfills, biogas generation, etc.) of various residential, institutional, commercial and industrial properties.
  • Errors, omissions and other deficiencies in environmental site assessment and remediation reports.
  • Rehabilitation costs for expropriation procedures (including testimonies at the Tribunal administrative du Québec) and litigations.
  • Various applications of Section IV.2.1 of the Environment Quality Act and Land Protection and Rehabilitation Regulation.
  • Use of prohibited pesticides.
  • Management of hazardous materials and residual hazardous materials
  • Errors, omissions and other deficiencies in the identification, handling, and abatement of asbestos-containing materials.
  • Errors, omissions and other deficiencies with respect to the design, construction, and maintenance of wastewater treatment systems.