Health and Safety

Qualitative and quantitative health risk assessments, industrial hygiene sampling, characterization and management of controlled substances, asbestos management registers, contamination by microorganisms, health and safety plans and training, WHMIS 2015, work programs.

Typical Activities

  • Expertise in industrial hygiene: assessment of ambient air quality (dust, fibers, fine particles, inhalable fraction, volatile organic compounds, spores, etc.), a sampling of chemical contaminants (metals, solvents, pharmaceutical active ingredients, etc.), noise impacts thermal stresses, asbestos registers, etc.
  • Inspection, evaluation of contamination, the scope of work and monitoring of decontamination sites (asbestos, mercury, beryllium, molds, etc.).
  • Health and safety audits and development of health and safety programs (respiratory protection, prevention, asbestos, etc.) applicable in various sectors of activity (manufacturing plants, chemical and petroleum industries, etc.).
  • Development, implementation, and training of hazardous materials management in the workplace (WHMIS 2015).

Some Relevant Projects

  • Audits in accordance with the protocol of the responsible management of member companies of the Canadian Chemical Industry Association across Canada.
  • Various expertise in industrial hygiene, health and safety and hazardous materials management in the workplace for many industries (pharmaceutical, chemical manufacturing, textile, metal processing, transportation, aerospace, etc.).
  • Evaluation of thermal stresses and noise exposure in many commercial and industrial sites.
  • Qualitative and quantitative assessment of exposure to active ingredients in several pharmaceutical companies.
  • Characterizations and management programs for various controlled substances (asbestos, lead, mercury, beryllium, etc.) and moulds in various public, commercial, industrial or residential buildings.
  • Development and implementation of work programs (respiratory protection, enclosed spaces, etc.) in various industrial sectors (pharmaceutical, aerospace, etc.).