Environmental Releases

Inventory of emission sources, characterization of effluents and atmospheric emissions, design, evaluation and optimization of industrial water treatment systems.

Typical Activities

  • Assessment of effluent quality and air emissions from industrial sources.
  • Modeling of contaminant transport and mitigation (water-air-soil) for risk analysis or assessment of compliance with environmental requirements.
  • Design and optimization of industrial wastewater treatment systems.

Some Relevant Projects

  • Characterization of aqueous releases and air emissions, including contaminant dispersion modeling, for many industries, including mining, metal processing, chemical manufacturing and management hazardous/residual wastes in Quebec.
  • Evaluation and optimization of the wastewater treatment system in various manufacturing industries in Quebec.
  • Inventory of stationary sources (kettles, generators, sandblasting plants, paint shops, welding workshops, etc.) and mobile sources (trucks, cars, mobile generators, etc.) of atmospheric emissions, including an estimate of releases of contaminants (volatile organic compounds, nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides, etc.) to determine compliance with potentially applicable releases standards and a carbon footprint in some forty federal installations in eastern Quebec.
  • Modeling of contaminant transport and mitigation in the context of risk analysis of a former chemical plant in Shawinigan, an old railway complex and a metal processing plant in Montreal.