Environmental Management

Analysis of gaps and development of environmental management systems (EMS), training and communications, environmental performance reports, emergency plans, applications for operating permits and certificates of authorization.

Typical Activities

  • Gap analysis of an EMS according to ISO 14001 specifications.
  • Assistance in the development and implementation of an EMS including:
    • Development of an environmental policy;
    • Identification and evaluation of significant environmental aspects;
    • Setting environmental performance targets and targets;
    • Preparation of a reference manual and operational procedures;
    • Development of environmental programs;
    • Preparation of environmental performance reports;
    • Development and implementation of a communication plan (awareness-raising and training sessions, website / Intranet content, etc.).
  • Assistance in the development and implementation of contingency plans for environmental emergencies, including training and periodic exercises.
  • Environmental impact assessment and preparation of applications for Certificates of Authorization, operating permits for discharge permits (wastewaters, air emissions, etc.) based on applicable legislative and regulatory requirements.

Some Relevant Projects

  • Assistance in the development and implementation of an ISO 14001-compliant EMS for a communications organization across Canada.
  • Development and implementation of an EMS for ISO 14001 certification at a chemical plant in Pointe-Claire, Quebec.
  • Assistance for the implementation of EMS according to the ISO 14001 standard and for the evaluation of the performance in a series of federal institutions in Quebec.