Environmental Impact Assessment

Implementation of environmental impact assessments according to processes in Québec or on federal properties, obtaining government authorizations to carry out a development project. Previous involvement in several public hearings on the environment, including BAPE.

Typical Activities

  • Preparation of project notices.
  • Description of projects and technologies involved.
  • Biophysical and human inventories.
  • Identification of environmental, social and economic impacts, positive and negative
  • Development of mitigation and compensation measures.
  • Identification of residual impacts.
  • Participation in discussions with various officials involved in the file.
  • Technical and scientific support during public hearings.
  • Preparation of presentation documents.

Some Relevant Projects

  • Project to renaturalize a river bank of an abandoned industrial site in Beauharnois, including project notices, biophysical and human inventories, mitigation measures and participation in subsequent public hearings.
  • Environmental Screening under the CEAA for renovations to a cross-borderstation.
  • Preliminary environmental assessment of various aquatic developments planned in Rigaud.
  • Identification of environmental issues in various fishing harbors in Quebec.
  • Review of the environmental impact study and analysis of commitments to be made by the proponent in the construction of the new Champlain Bridge on behalf of a British consultant to inform private financiers of the PPP construction project.
  • Review of the impact study and specific commitments to be met by the private developer in the construction of a train maintenance workshop in Whitby, Ontario.