Environmental Audits

Environmental Compliance Audits (ECA), due diligence audits for transactions or funding applications, quality audits of environmental programs.

Typical Activities

  • ECA according to federal, provincial and municipal requirements and best practices (policies, guidelines, technical guides, etc.).
  • Quality audit of environmental compliance management programs for the development or maintenance of an ISO 14001 accreditation.
  • Verification of projects involving reductions in greenhouse gas emissions (carbon footprint).
  • Integrated health-safety-environment (HSE) audits.

Some Relevant Projects

  • ECA of many commercial and industrial companies, particularly in the fields of metal processing, chemical manufacturing, aerospace, road, maritime and rail transport, hazardous materials management and residual materials management.
  • ECA of governmental and para-governmental agencies, including communications (radio, television, cinema), property management and military activities.
  • Validation of environmental performance indicators and verification of the safety of drinking water supply and distribution systems in various federal real estate properties in Quebec.
  • HSE audits for various member companies of the Canadian Chemical Industry Association across Canada.
  • Quality audits of environmental programs in the field of energy production and transport.