Contaminated Lands

Environmental Site Assessment, rehabilitation plans, and specifications, environmental monitoring of works, certificates pursuant to Section IV.2.1 of the Environment Quality Act, assessment of toxicological and ecotoxicological risks, comparative evaluation of rehabilitation options.

Typical Activities

  • Phases I-II-III Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) based on applicable standards, policies and technical guides.
  • Toxicological/ecotoxicological risk analyses and assessment of groundwater impacts to manage contaminants on-site.
  • Certification of characterization studies and rehabilitation works arising from the application of Section IV.2.1 of the Environmental Quality Act and Land Protection and Rehabilitation Regulation.
  • Identification and evaluation of applicable rehabilitation options (comparison of benefits, disadvantages, costs, constraints, timelines, etc.).
  • Preparation of plans & rehabilitation cost estimates, Climatsol subsidy program applications, supervision of works and preparation of rehabilitation reports.
  • Implementation of rehabilitation projects following a turn-key approach.

Some Relevant Projects

  • Plans & specifications and supervision of $20-million development project, to convert a former incineration waste landfill and a former coal processing plant (coking plant) for a major residential development on the Mount-Royal Plateau in Montreal.
  • Characterization and rehabilitation of an industrial site (manufacturing sector), including the design, implementation, and monitoring of the in situ biotreatments of soils contaminated with heavy hydrocarbons.
  • Risk analysis of a former chemical plant in Shawinigan, an industrial complex on a former railway site and a metal processing plant in Montreal.
  • Environmental monitoring of the biotreatment of soils contaminated with heavy petroleum products in Ville St-Pierre, Quebec.
  • Characterization and environmental rehabilitation of former lighthouse sites on Anticosti Island and the Gaspé Peninsula.
  • Additional environmental and geotechnical characterization, risk analysis, development of a rehabilitation program and environmental monitoring of waste management during the development of a railway maintenance center in Montreal, Quebec.