Atmospheric modeling

Professional services to assess the presence of asbestos-containing materials, production of asbestos removal specifications, monitoring of removal work, establishment and monitoring of inspection records of materials likely to contain asbestos. Under supervision of our Certified Hygienists (ROH).

Typical activities

  • Modeling the atmospheric dispersion of particulate or gaseous pollutants, using Level I or II models as recommended by the Guide to Atmospheric Dispersion Modeling The Ministry of Sustainable Development, the Environment and the Fight against Climate Change (MDDELCC).
  • Assessment of concentrations at impact points and development of isocontour maps in sensitive residential and receptor areas (hospital, school, etc.) in the vicinity of emission sources.
  • Numerical simulation of atmospheric dispersion in the context of optimization of stack emission parameters (ejection rate, emission rate, stack height, etc.) during the design phase of a process or a plant.

Some relevant projects

  • A Level II Atmospheric Dispersion Modeling Study for the License to Operate a Metal Recycling Industry in the Industrial Park of the Municipality of Bécancour, Quebec.
  • Management of the environmental component of a diesel-powered electricity generating block design project for a mining complex in northern Quebec. Parameters optimized using atmospheric dispersion simulations were the location of the generator blocks, the required stack heights, ejection rates, and emission rates for various air pollutants.